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Saturday, June 11, 2011

US Braces for Long Withdrawal Along Iraqi Road!

US Braces for Long Withdrawal Along Iraqi Road!

Finally, the Murderous Fraud that's cost Iraq an Entire Society&Infrastructure, all of their Oil, 1,6 Million Murdered Civilians, an Environment now Poisoned with Depleted Uranium that will continue to Kill&Maim for decades hereafter!

4,700 US Soldiers Dead, 45,000 physically maimed, 1.5 Million US Soldiers contaminated with the same DU Munitions&all, save a Psychotic few who love it, all of them Psychologically Maimed by PTSD & receiving Little or no treatment for their deep Psychological Wounds!

The Reality is that we'll never leave Iraq because we're bring it all Home every day&night and it will be here for Decades! That's the new Reality we all Face, get used to it!

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