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Thursday, June 9, 2011

There Is No Such Thing as a Free Market!/Here's the Reality of Capitalism, It doesn't Work without strict Regulatory Restraints! It's Cannibalism without them!!! The Bigger Fish always wind up Eating the Smaller Fish! Look at the Merger Madness that began with the Corporate Coronation of Ronald Reagan!

The '80s&'90s were a Feeding Frenzy, when Asserts were being Gobbled up like Gum Drops! Remember "Gordon Gecko"&"Greed is Good", that's really the Mantra of Greedy Capitalists! Screw the Little Guy!! Well that's not the Ethic of
People who care about the Plight of the Millions made Homeless by the Machiavellian Machinations of the Bankers who put all the Middle Class Assets up in a Crap Game that was played with Loaded Dice!

If we become like those Wall Street Bankers and Rob all Middle Class Workers of the Government Programs that serve as a Safety Net to Catch People when they
Fall on Hard Times or Provide Vital Health Care to ALL Americans, Medicare and Social Security, something we've put our Tax Dollars in for Decades, Programs WE own, Free&Clear!

The Bankers&Brokers can't wait to get there hands on the $Trillions in Social Security, they want to Privatize all of YOUR MONEY! WTFU, America, your Living a Nightmare, WAKE UP, for Christ's Sake, Literally!

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