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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Still Paying Through the Nose, Labor Campaigns for Single Payer!/ The sane among us still believe in Single Payer Healthcare! When asking Canadians about how they like their Single Payer Healthcare System, the Unanimous Response was "We Love It"! That's what America needs and wants by a Broad Majority!

So when you hear the G-NO-Tea blaring their Trumpets to kill our current Healthcare Law, they're determined to Privatize all Government Functions, including Healthcare, guaranteeing that Americans will be condemned to paying through the nose for all their Future Healthcare needs!

Vermont just enacted the first truly Single Payer Healthcare System! The Voters of Vermont know which side their Bread is Buttered on! My take on the American People is that they want the same System and totally reject the Republican intention of turning Americans into slaves of
the Insurance Industry!

Admittedly, the Current Healthcare Law has far to much compromise made to the Insurance Industry, who're the main force behind killing Medicare, the most popular Government Program next to Social Security, which the Greedy Brokers&Bankers are salivating over, as they scheme to Privatize that next and take control of the $2.5 Trillion Social Security Trust Fund that they've not been able to Steal Yet!

So we should heed the Unions call for Single Payer and push for Revisions in the Current Law and Short Circuit the Insurance Industry's attempt to put us even more at their Mercy than we already Are! I say rather than demand Government Workers go find "Real Jobs", let's see all those Insurance Industry Executives&Salesmen go find Real Jobs, rather than Preying on the Fears&Life's Blood of all of the American Citizens who depend upon Medicare&Social Security to carry them through their Retirement Years!

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