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Saturday, June 11, 2011

100 Percent Scared: How the National Security Complex Grows on Terrorism Fears!

100 Percent Scared: How the National Security Complex Grows on Terrorism Fears!

We've got a self-Perpetuating Industry that's based entirely on Generating Fear! Fear that we're about to be attacked by yet un-named adversaries! The result of this National Panic Campaign has been to keep Americans so afraid of their own Shadow, that they'll pay no attention to the Real Problems that our Country Faces!

Our Federal Debt, Our 3 Actual Wars, Corporate Control of Congress and SCOTUS, the Unlimited, un-Regulated Resource Extraction Industry, The rise of the Summarily Ignorant Tea Party Created and backed by the Heirs of John Birch Society Founder, Fred C. Koch, the Koch Bros, Charles and David, Fund providers of all things Radical Right Wing!

They've out to Destroy the True Free Enterprise that did America so well during and after the Four Term Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Policies of Capitalism under tight Regulatory Restrictions to prevent just exactly what we see today in the Imbalanced kind of Corporate Coverage we see in our MSM

To me These are the Real Issues that America Faces, and are Far more dangerous to our Survival as a Free Nation than any of these Hyped Up Threats that the MSM hopes to use as a Smoke Screen to hide their Machiavellian Intentions of Subjugating all Americans into Servile Ignorant Docile Slaves!

Is that what we fought all our Terrible Wars For? Not according to "REAL" History& not the Revisionist Crap they're attempting to feed US every day on FOXNEWS & All Right Wing Blogs! Stop paying attention to the Fascist Idiots, who've got nothing but bad intentions with every Propagandist move they Make!

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