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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hot, America? Climate Scientists Say, 'Get Used to It'! / All you Global Warming Deniers, you're the Dumbest SOBs on they Planet! Your Colossal Stupidity is Astounding! With the Evidence Burning your Balls Off, you still sit there and try to Manufacture Phony Crap about "If the World's getting Warmer. why are we Freezing our Asses off in Winter?",WTF? The World's Weather Patterns are changing, exactly what's been predicted for years! The entire World is an Integrated System&the System is severely out of Balance!!!

And Human Activity's the Reason! Evidence can be seen at every corner of the Earth! Rising Sea Levels, Droughts&Torrential Rain&Flooding, Polar&Glacial Melting in every Part of of the World! If Greenland melts, a 3' rise in Sea Level will put all the World's Major Cities under Water! Get off the Lobotomy Drugs&Delusions and Realize the "Butter Fly" Effect is REAL!

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