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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Most Americans Blame Wars For Federal Debt

Most Americans Blame Wars For Federal Debt!/And they're absolutely correct!!!

GWB led us Falsely into an Illegal War so he could reward his Big Oil Buddies and wound up Slaughtering 1.5 Million Iraqis&Killing 4,700+ of our own Brave Soldiers, while reducing their once Highly Educated & Civilized Nation, although granted was run by a Psychotic Madman! Now it's a Nation so polluted with DU Munitions!

Both our own Soldiers and Iraqis will suffer countless Cancers! This war alone added $3 Trillion to our National Debt and left 40,000 Maimed Soldiers & thousands more suffering PTSD, who'll be needing $Billions more in Long Term Care!

And do you remember all the off-Budget $Billions in Special Requests that George Bush added to our National Debt, as he continued to pour our Tax Dollars into a Black Hole that the Iraq War became? Then we add to that the $Billions that the Afghan War has cost us and it becomes quite clear that these Wars have cost us $Trillions that we can Ill Afford!

So that's where our Phenomenal National Debt has come from, not from the Social Programs
that the Republicans wish, Willy Nilly to cut , thus leaving Millions of Americans to bear the
Brunt of the costs and suffering!

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