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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Medicare and Our Social Compact

I would add that my Successful "Zamboni Liberation" was paid for by Medicare,our immensely successful Socialized Medicine Program, that has successfully benefited Millions of Americans who would otherwise be left out in the Cold, unable to even get the Minimum amount of Health Care needed to survive even the smallest Health Crisis!

Is this who we've Become? Apathetic Neighbors unwilling to help Our Brothers and Sisters, our Fellow Human Beings? Are these the Teachings of Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Mohammed, Martin Luther King& a 1,000,000 other Prophets&Saints who've stood up for the Least amongst us! Do you, as Human Beings, wish to see your Fellow Men & Women left naked to the Ill Winds of Fate? I surely don't and my guess is, neither do you!

Medicare, Medicaid&Social Security have saved countless Millions of American Citizens just like You&I! They're part of our Social Compact that defines us from the Eat or be Eaten Creatures of the Animal World! It's what Makes us Human Beings, Capable of extending a Compassionate Hand to help those unable to help themselves!

Remember the Parable of the "Good Samaritan"? I most surely do&my guess is the Bulk of you do to! That's a World I would be Proud to pass on to my Grand Children! Wouldn't you too?