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Monday, March 28, 2011

I want the People of America to Awaken to the Real Truth about exactly how so many Republican Fascist, YES Fascist, Congressmen&Governors got "Elected" in the 2010 Mid-Term Elections? Despite the FOXNEWS Deluge of Deceptive Dis-Information, do you think the American People Vote against their own Good!
The American People would never Consciously do something that Stupid! It was done using the Electronic Voting Machines and the Template for that was set in the South Carolina Primary Elections, in which a Total unknown, Alvin Greene, was "Chosen" to Represent the Democratic Opposition in the 2010 Mid-Term "Selections"! This was accomplished using the Electronic Voting Machines mandated by the 2002 Republican Congress&Senate! I've been watching this Issue Intensely since it's Inception! The supposed "Chaos" that occurred during the 2000 Presidential Election was used as an excuse for instituting the use of these un-Auditable EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) to replace those "Confusing) Paper Ballots!
Then you Voted by the "Primitive" method of Pencil&Paper and the Mechanical Voting Machines and there was an Audit Trail, even a Signed Document Trail to conduct a Recount with! The Chaos in Florida's Dade County was staged and conducted by the Congressional Staffers of then-Rep Tom Delay and other Republican Congressman's Staffers!
After SCOTUS took the unprecedented step of awarding the Presidency to George W. Bush, despite strong evidence that the Election was actually won by Al Gore! Subsequent recounts showed that was indeed the Case and George Bush was Illegally appointed President of the United States and promptly led us into 2 disasterous Wars!
Those Wars have already cost the American People in excess of $1.5 Trillion Dollars and the Costs are still mounting unchecked by any Rational criteria or Objective analysis! War without end, that's where we're headed if we allow the DOD to proceed without putting the Brakes on this War Machine! This is OUR Future! Let us choose our direction with conscientious caution, my Fellow Citizens!
Now we see these Fascist Republican Governors attempting to erase 100 Years of American History and Supplant it with a Litany of Lies and Rewrites of Factual Events into Unrecognizable Gibberish Written by Lobbyists and Lawyers with the Sole Intent of Deceiving the Anesthetized, Somnambulistic American Public, who've been Deluged with Deliberate Deceptive Delusional Mis-Information that hardly Allows for a carefully thought out decision on what moves to make in your own Life
Pay Attention or Pay Dearly my Fellow Americans, for your very Lives depend on the decisions you make!

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