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Sunday, June 13, 2010

So Where Do We Go From Here

The Issue in Today's World is: How do we change from a Culture based on deriving all our energy needs from Fossil Fuels, to one that depends primarily on changing to renewable sources of Power or Energy? The leading candidates for Energy Production in the 21st Century are: Hydroelectric, Solar, Wind, Tidal, Biomass & Geothermal. I omit Nuclear Power because we've not yet conquered the Issue of where to store the Spent Fuel Rods and they are deadly for 150,000 years. Because of the once inexpensive Fossil Fuels during the past 20th Century, we did comparatively little broad scaled research into using renewable resources as a main source of Electrical Power to drive our Industries and Cities.

What's needed is a Paradigm Shift that takes us away from Resource Depletion to Resource Replenishment and Recycling all of our Energy Sources and deriving Electrical Energy from totally Reusable and Recyclable Sources. The day when we could use and abuse the limited Resources of our Tiny Planet are long gone and behind us! What lies ahead is an Era in which we are Scrupulous and Frugal with the Remaining Resources we have. The Lives of Ourselves and our Progeny depend on a rapid retrenchment to a Culture that no longer lives like there's no tomorrow, into one that Lives like Today may be our last! That sense of urgency must preface all our actions from this day forth!

The current Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has made the decision for us. We no longer have the option of gradually making a Transition to Green Power. The need for comprehensive and immediate action has been forced by circumstance upon us. A delay or a "Someday Maybe" attitude means the certain demise of not only our Oceans, but all the multifarious Life Forms that inhabit the Sea and the Land. For you see, all Life on Earth derives it's Existence and it's Sustenance from the Oceans. The Oxygen we breathe, the Water we drink, the Rain that sustains all Plants, the Phytoplankton that's at the bottom of the Food Chain and supports all Higher Lifeforms, all of this is in dire jeopardy of vanishing within a matter of Months, not Years!

So in conclusion, I'll say that the Decision's no longer protracted to a matter of Years, but to a matter of months and days! This is not just a challenge to the Industrial Nations of the "Developed World", but to all Nations on Earth! There is no longer the option of gradually evolving into a member of the Industrial Community of Nations. The survival of Civilization itself depends on First World Nations joining in a Global Effort to Nurture the Third World Nations in a joint effort to save Human Culture! The choice is clearly ours and we must chose Unity over Autonomy! Whether we become another Mars or an Earthly Paradise is dependent on the Decisions we make and the Actions we take Today and not Tomorrow!

I pray we make the Right Decision!

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  1. Hi! I'm glad to know that you studied Buddhism. I study Buddhism Nichiren and am associated with SGI. I am engaged in the "fight" for a peace culture and education. The change is from within each of us. And we can be called human. People who love others and respecting the house of life! very good luck!