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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oilpocalypse Now

This being my first Post,I'm going to focus on the Dire Situation we find ourselves(All Beings) in with regard to the BP Deep Water Horizon's Crude Oil Gusher happening right now in the Gulf of Mexico!

At present, there're between 10,000 & 80,000 ( Barrels of Sweet Light Crude Oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico each & every day! An Exxon Valdez Spill occurring every 4 days! The tragic effects of That Spill are still being felt 20 yrs. later with no end in sight!

To say that the risk of another event of this magnitude happening again is very Low, is to be oblivious to the Reality that this 1 current Spill has the potential to cause the destruction of the Entire World's Oceans! This is a process that could take years to unfold in its terrifying Full Magnitude!

Currently, BP & its Cronies are involved in a Finger Pointing Free for All in which no one is taking real Responsibility for this now-Criminal act of Gross Negligence! One which has already cost the Lives of 11 Rig Workers & millions of Sea Creatures thus far & shows no sign of Abating anytime soon!

To make matters worse, BP & its Cohorts are spraying Emulsifiers both onto Surface Oil & into the Gusher as it roars forth from the 3 known leaks 1 mile down on the Sea Floor!These Emulsifiers break up the Oil into Micro-Droplets & disperse them far and wide as the Gulf Stream begins to bring this Mass of Crude around Florida and up the East Coast of the US & all the way to Greenland & back around the West Coasts of Northern Europe & down along the Coasts of England, France & Spain!

Are you beginning to see the Enormity of this Crisis now? These are just the Coastlines & don't begin to address the Deep Water affects this Water/Oil Mass has as it's moved along the Ocean Floor by Deep Water Currents that we've not yet identified or that've not yet been observed because we're not yet using Chemicals or Dyes that can be traced by their behavior or Presence!

These Micro-Droplets are so small, that they're absorbed Osmotically through the Gills, Skin & Soft-Tissues of all Sea Creatures, Fish & Mammals alike, even Plankton & Diatoms! Once these are in the Tissues, they'll begin to display their Toxic effects & kill the Organisms, no matter how large!

Now the real damage begins as these Corpses are devoured by creatures on up the Food Chain, ending, of course, with us, the Top Carnivores on the Planet! We already know the results of Top Predators consuming Toxins accumulated in the Tissues of their Prey!

The near extinction of Bald Eagles from DDT in the '70s & the massive die-offs of Monarch Butterflies brought on by Monsanto's BT Corn, a GM (genetically modified) Plant that produces it's own Insecticide to ward off Pests! Unfortunately, it also kills off Bees & all other Pollinators that depend on Corn Pollen to survive!

By now, you're beginning to grasp the enormity of the Scale of this Disaster! And the "Drill Baby Drill" Crowd's already calling for more Off Shore Drilling leases & Permits to be issued to Big Oil so they can continue down this Oilpocallyptic path in The Arctic Wildlife Refuge, where a Spill of this Magnitude would be Impossible to Clean up!

In conclusion, does any one of you reading this Post not think it's Time we begin to transition off FFs & moved to Wind, Solar, Tidal, Biomass & Geothermal Energy Sources before it's too late and our Beautiful Blue Marble becomes a Desert Wasteland, incapable of supporting any Life form bigger than Ants or Bacteria?

The choice is clearly ours & we must choose the Path of Sustainability over the Path of certain Extinction! A Planet our Grandchildren can Live on, or a Planet that's unable to any-longer support Complex Life Forms?
I want my Grandchildren & yours to thrive, so I'm willing to Sacrifice anything that will make that possible, are YOU?

1 comment:

  1. Scott a great post !! And informative enough that all can understand the magnitude of it all !!!