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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BP's Crimes Against Humanity

On the Morning of April, 19th, 2010, very few people in the World knew what or where the Deepwater Horizon offshore oil drilling platform was or what it was doing 50 miles SE of New Orleans, LA. At 9:45 PM CST on the evening of April 20th, all that changed irrevocably, as a massive Gas & Oil explosion ripped apart the floating factory & snuffed out the lives of 11 Oil Drilling Riggers & began what has become the worst Oil Disaster in the History of the World!

Immediately, the Spin Meisters of BP, Halliburton & Transocean Ltd. began flooding the Main Stream Media's News Divisions with a Maelstrom of Misinformation about the Catastrophic Scale of the Disaster! Nobody was releasing details about the exact Nature or Magnitude of the Incident! BP was hesitant to release Video or detailed Data to a still sleeping Nation! The News Organizations that we rely on for Information hadn't yet begun to carry the story World Wide!

Due to that hesitation to disclose the scale & magnitude of the Blowout & what remedial steps we needed to take immediately, Authorities & Govt Agencies were
kept from implementing a Disaster Recovery Plan that could have ameliorated some of the worst case scenarios that have subsequently become Fact!

Now that the Die is cast, the real Issue becomes what cost to the responsible Parties is the consequence of their actions going to be? The answer is easy & one that will define the role that Govt Agencies & Legal Entities will play with regard to Private Industries for years to come! We must Nationalize all the Holdings & Assets of BP Inc & Ltd, all the Assets & Holdings of Transocean Ltd & all the Assets & Holdings of Halliburton Inc & Ltd & dissolve them as Corporate Entities Internationally!

This is not Socialism! This is not Communism! This is called Justice for those most affected by this World-changing Event, the People of Earth, whose lives are now altered in ways not yet imagined & never before seen! The very Survival of all Life on Earth is now teetering on a very precarious fulcrum & has most surely been altered forever! Prayer & Meditation may now be the only Powers left to us & the ones we will most need to cope with our now forever-altered World.

For now, all my energy will be directed toward promoting Love, Compassion & Equanimity to all the Universes & the myriad host of Beings we share this Now with. And to all my Fellow Human Beings, I implore you to take final & irreversible actions to limit & define the role & responsibilities to Society of all Corporate Entities from this day forward!

Namaste my Brothers & Sisters
Peace & Compassion to all Beings

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